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Hints and Tips

Rady a tipy

Before transferring the contract for the surface treatment renovation, please, clean the parts or rests of lubricants, oils, mud, etc. but do not grind the surface and especially do not sand it. .

Check the damage of the threads, holes, brackets, etc. or také the snaps of the whole assembly of the parts.

Do not straighten yourself the metal parts such as masks, frames etc. which are deformed..

Consult with us by phone the repair procedures or give us the sketch and the dimensions of the components which they ought to have after the repair. We shall both save the unnecessary expenditures for repairs the useless.

Do not repair the metal parts by brass or tin. It will cause , the complications for the preparation for surface chrome plating. The repair by brass, with tanks causes the change of the structure of metal and the subsequent damage of the surface. The consequences are evident in the photo on the section Before repair. The damages are often irreversible. We carry out the overhaul repair in the moto tanks /including flattening/ hammering or boiling or holders or repair. The unskilled straightening complicates the problemless repair of your tank. Thanks.

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